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Dr. Kodjo Esseim Mensah-Abrampa Highlights Opportunities Young People Miss by Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad


Renowned scholar Dr. Kodjo Esseim Mensah-Abrampa has brought attention to the untapped opportunities young people in Ghana may be overlooking while seeking better prospects abroad. In a recent address, he emphasized that the quest for greener pastures overseas may lead to missing out on significant positive developments within the country.

Dr. Mensah-Abrampa, an advocate for youth empowerment and education, underscored the importance of recognizing the potential for growth and success in various sectors within Ghana. He pointed out that the nation is experiencing advancements in technology, entrepreneurship, and education, providing a conducive environment for young talents to thrive.

“While the allure of opportunities abroad is understandable, it’s crucial for our youth to recognize the untapped potential right here at home. Ghana is undergoing transformative changes, and there are numerous avenues for young people to contribute to and benefit from the country’s progress,” stated Dr. Mensah-Abrampa.

The scholar highlighted success stories of young Ghanaians who have made significant strides in various fields, urging the youth to explore the possibilities within the nation. He emphasized the importance of fostering a sense of national pride and actively participating in the development initiatives that could shape Ghana’s future.

Dr. Mensah-Abrampa’s remarks have sparked discussions on the role of mentorship, education, and community engagement in retaining young talents and encouraging them to contribute to the growth of their homeland. As the conversation gains momentum, it prompts reflection on the broader implications of the brain drain phenomenon and the potential for a reverse trend if local opportunities are effectively communicated and harnessed.

In the wake of Dr. Mensah-Abrampa’s address, young Ghanaians are encouraged to explore the abundant opportunities within their homeland, fostering a sense of optimism and national pride among the country’s youth.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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