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Former President John Mahama Affirms Opposition to LGBTQ, Citing Religious Beliefs


In a recent statement, Former President John Mahama, a member of the Assemblies of God denomination, reiterated his stance against LGBTQ rights, emphasizing his position based on his faith. The former leader made his sentiments known during a public appearance where he addressed questions related to social issues, including LGBTQ rights in Ghana.

“By my faith as an Assemblies of God member, I am against LGBTQ,” Former President Mahama stated, underscoring the significance of his religious beliefs in shaping his perspective on the matter. The Assemblies of God is a prominent Christian denomination with a significant following in Ghana.

Mahama, who is known for his active involvement in both political and social issues, expressed his views on LGBTQ rights within the context of his religious convictions. He acknowledged the ongoing debate surrounding LGBTQ rights in the country but affirmed his position aligned with his faith as a member of the Assemblies of God.

The former president’s remarks come amid discussions and evolving attitudes toward LGBTQ rights in Ghana, where the topic has been a subject of public discourse, triggering various opinions across different sectors of society.

It remains to be seen how Mahama’s public declaration on his stance against LGBTQ, rooted in his religious beliefs, will impact the broader discourse on the subject in Ghana. The nation continues to grapple with finding a balance between traditional values, religious convictions, and evolving perspectives on human rights and inclusivity.

As Former President Mahama’s statement reverberates, it is likely to spark further conversations and reflections on the intersection between faith, societal values, and the ongoing discussions around LGBTQ rights in Ghana.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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