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Hopeson Adorye Launches Scathing Critique of NPP Leadership, Urges Rejection of Party in Upcoming ElectionsFor E-Levy will never be cancel**


In a surprising turn of events, prominent New Patriotic Party (NPP) member Hopeson Adorye has launched a scathing critique of his own party’s leadership, denouncing their policies and calling for the rejection of the NPP in the upcoming elections. Adorye’s remarks, which include harsh criticism of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the party’s stance on the controversial E-Levy, have sent shockwaves through Ghana’s political landscape.

Addressing a gathering of supporters, Adorye announced the formation of his own political movement, dubbed the “New Poison Party,” signaling a dramatic break from the NPP. In his impassioned speech, he lambasted the NPP leadership for failing to deliver on their promises and accused them of lacking innovative solutions for the country’s challenges.

“Ghanaians should reject the NPP on December 7th as they have nothing new to offer the country,” declared Adorye. “Bawuliar Bawumia will never cancel the E-Levy; it’s just political rhetoric and propaganda aimed at deceiving the people.”

Adorye’s criticism reflects growing discontent within certain factions of the NPP regarding the party’s direction and policy decisions. His bold stance against the leadership, particularly on the contentious issue of the E-Levy, underscores the deep divisions within the party and the broader political landscape.

While Adorye’s announcement has sparked debate and speculation, it remains to be seen how his new movement will impact the upcoming elections and whether it will gain traction among disillusioned voters. As Ghana prepares for a pivotal electoral contest, Adorye’s defection and outspoken criticism of the NPP signal a potentially significant shift in the country’s political dynamics.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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