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I Signed The Contract To Increase Passport Fees To Ward off Activities Of ‘Goro’ Boys- Kusi Boafo CEO of Public Sector Reforms


In a move aimed at curbing the illicit activities of middlemen popularly known as ‘Goro’ boys within Ghana’s passport acquisition process, Kusi Boafo, CEO of the Public Sector Reforms, has announced a significant increase in passport fees.

Boafo defended this decision, stating that it was necessary to address the rampant corruption and inefficiencies plaguing the system.Boafo revealed that the decision to hike passport fees was not taken lightly but was a strategic measure to deter ‘Goro’ boys who exploit the system for personal gain.

These middlemen often charge exorbitant fees to facilitate expedited passport processing, exploiting loopholes and creating bottlenecks in the official channels.In a statement to the press, Boafo emphasized the detrimental effects of the ‘Goro’ boys’ activities on the efficiency and integrity of the passport acquisition process.

He highlighted instances of bribery, document forgery, and other forms of corruption perpetuated by these individuals, which undermine public trust in government institutions.

Boafo reiterated the government’s commitment to rooting out corruption and streamlining public services through comprehensive reforms. He assured citizens that the increased passport fees would be accompanied by improvements in service delivery, including enhanced security measures and faster processing times.

However, the decision to raise passport fees has sparked mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing concern over the potential burden on ordinary citizens, especially those from low-income backgrounds. Critics argue that while targeting ‘Goro’ boys is essential, the government should explore alternative strategies that do not disproportionately affect the general populace.Despite the controversy, Boafo remains resolute in his stance, emphasizing the need for decisive action to tackle corruption and restore integrity to Ghana’s passport acquisition process.

As the reforms take effect, the government will closely monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a fair and efficient system for all citizens.

The debate surrounding the increase in passport fees underscores the broader challenge of combating corruption and improving governance in Ghana.

It serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to build a transparent and accountable public sector that serves the interests of all Ghanaians.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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