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If you think rent is expensive in Ghana, go to Canada and see, Hon Hawa Koomson fires


In a recent statement, Ghanaian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hon. Hawa Koomson, shed light on the stark differences in rent prices between Ghana and Canada, emphasizing the affordability challenges faced by many Ghanaians.

During a press conference addressing international economic disparities, Hon. Hawa Koomson remarked, “If you think rent is expensive in Ghana, go to Canada and see.” The statement comes amid growing concerns over rising living costs globally, particularly in developed countries like Canada.

According to Minister Koomson, her observation was based on comparative analysis and anecdotal evidence gathered during diplomatic engagements and interactions with Ghanaians living abroad. She highlighted that while rent prices in Ghana can be burdensome for some, they pale in comparison to the exorbitant rates seen in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.

The statement sparked discussions among Ghanaians, with many expressing astonishment at the disparity in housing affordability between the two countries. Some shared personal experiences of struggling to afford decent housing in Ghana, while others expressed gratitude for the relatively lower cost of living compared to countries like Canada.

The remarks by Minister Hawa Koomson have drawn attention to the broader issue of economic inequality and housing affordability, prompting calls for policymakers to address the root causes of rising living costs both domestically and internationally.

As the debate continues, Ghanaians are left grappling with the challenges of navigating the housing market in a global economy marked by stark disparities in rent prices. Minister Koomson’s comments serve as a reminder of the complex realities facing individuals and families striving to secure affordable housing in an increasingly interconnected world.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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