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Manklalo of Battor Traditional Area Issues Ultimatum: Threatens Independent Relocation of Flood-Displaced Community

Tensions escalate in the aftermath of the recent Akosombo Dam spillage, as the Manklalo of the Battor Traditional Area, Togbe Borbordzi VII, issues a stern ultimatum. Frustrated by what he perceives as government inaction, Togbe Borbordzi VII has threatened to lead his displaced people to the Saglemi Affordable Housing Units unless drastic measures are taken to expedite their resettlement.

The community in Battor recently found themselves displaced due to flooding caused by the release of water from the Akosombo Dam. The aftermath has left many residents in precarious living conditions, with homes destroyed and lives disrupted.

Expressing his discontent, Togbe Borbordzi VII emphasized the urgency of the situation during a press conference, stating, “Our people are suffering, and the government’s response has been inadequate. We cannot wait indefinitely for assistance. If necessary actions are not taken promptly, we will take matters into our own hands and move to the Saglemi Affordable Housing Units for a better life.”

The Saglemi Affordable Housing Units, a government-initiated project, have been a source of contention in recent years due to delays and controversies surrounding their completion. Togbe Borbordzi VII’s threat to relocate the displaced community independently adds a new dimension to the longstanding issues surrounding the housing project.

Government officials have responded cautiously, acknowledging the challenges faced by the displaced community and assuring that steps are being taken to address the situation. However, the Manklalo’s ultimatum highlights the growing frustration among affected residents, raising questions about the adequacy and timeliness of the government’s response.

As the deadline set by Togbe Borbordzi VII looms, the situation in Battor underscores the broader challenges faced by communities affected by natural disasters and the importance of swift and effective government intervention in times of crisis. The next steps taken by both the traditional leadership and the government will likely determine the course of action for the displaced residents of Battor.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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