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**NDC Unveils Ambitious Agenda: Plans Total Reset of State Institutions if Voted into Power**


In a bold announcement, Sammy Gyamfi, a prominent figure within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), revealed the party’s ambitious plan for a comprehensive overhaul of state institutions if voted into power. Speaking on UTV during a morning interview, Gyamfi outlined the NDC’s vision for rejuvenating governmental bodies and fostering greater efficiency and accountability in governance.

The proposed initiative, dubbed the “Total Reset,” aims to address longstanding issues of bureaucratic inefficiency, corruption, and institutional decay plaguing state institutions. Gyamfi emphasized the need for sweeping reforms to restore public trust and confidence in government agencies and promote sustainable development.

“Our plan is to conduct a total reset of state institutions to ensure they are functioning optimally and serving the best interests of the Ghanaian people,” declared Gyamfi, echoing the party’s commitment to transformative governance.

Key components of the NDC’s reset agenda include:

1. Strengthening Institutional Capacity: Implementing measures to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of state institutions through targeted training programs, streamlined processes, and modernization initiatives.

2. Combatting Corruption: Instituting robust anti-corruption measures and mechanisms to root out graft and malfeasance within government agencies, promoting transparency and accountability at all levels of governance.

3. Promoting Meritocracy: Fostering a culture of meritocracy and professionalism within state institutions, ensuring appointments are based on competence, integrity, and merit rather than political patronage.

4. Enhancing Service Delivery: Prioritizing the delivery of quality public services to citizens by streamlining administrative procedures, improving access to essential services, and leveraging technology to enhance efficiency.

Gyamfi’s announcement comes at a time of heightened political discourse as parties gear up for the upcoming elections. The NDC’s ambitious agenda has sparked debate among stakeholders, with supporters lauding the party’s commitment to transformative change and critics questioning the feasibility of its proposals.

As the electoral campaign gains momentum, the NDC’s Total Reset initiative is poised to feature prominently in the party’s manifesto, signaling its determination to usher in a new era of governance characterized by accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to the needs of the Ghanaian people.

Story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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