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Resignations of Archbishops Duncan Williams and Eastwood Annaba Spark Allegations of government Using National Cathedral project to raise money for NPP election 2024**


The abrupt resignations of Archbishop Duncan Williams and Archbishop Eastwood Annaba from the Board of the National Cathedral have given rise to speculative allegations, with some voices suggesting that the government may be intending to exploit the project for financial gains and job creation within the NPP party.

Archbishops Duncan Williams and Eastwood Annaba, prominent figures in the religious community, resigned from their positions on the National Cathedral Board citing undisclosed reasons. However, social commentators and critics are now connecting the dots, insinuating that their departures may be linked to concerns over the misuse of the National Cathedral project.


Accusations have emerged, suggesting that the government could potentially be using the National Cathedral initiative as a means to generate financial benefits for select individuals and create job opportunities for supporters within the NPP party. The resignations of the two respected religious leaders are being interpreted by some as a signal of discontent or disagreement with the direction in which the project is heading.

A social commentator, who wished to remain anonymous, commented, “The National Cathedral is a symbol of national unity and spirituality. If there are allegations of it being misused for political and financial gains, it is a matter of great concern. The resignations of these archbishops raise questions that demand transparent answers.”

Government officials have not yet responded to these allegations. The National Cathedral project has been a focal point of both admiration and controversy, with debates centering on its funding sources, purpose, and potential political implications.

As Ghanaians await official statements and responses from relevant authorities, the controversy surrounding the National Cathedral project deepens, reflecting the broader challenge of maintaining transparency and accountability in major national initiatives.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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