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Richard Selormey, General Secretary of Ghana Medical Association, Urges Public Action for Healthcare Overhaul


In a striking revelation, Ghana’s dilapidated health facilities are thrust into the spotlight as the nation grapples with an ailing healthcare system. Richard Selormey, General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, warns that politicians find it convenient to make decisions detrimental to healthcare when the public remains silent.

Accompanied by a dire need for basic amenities, Ghana’s health facilities have been struggling with crumbling infrastructure and inadequate resources. Selormey, a staunch advocate for healthcare reform, emphasizes the perilous consequences of political indifference when citizens fail to demand accountability.

Selormey, speaking on behalf of the healthcare professionals witnessing the daily challenges within these facilities, asserts that the lack of public outcry allows politicians to make decisions that perpetuate the existing issues. He underscores the interconnectedness between civic engagement and political responsiveness, stressing that an informed and vocal public is crucial to driving policymakers towards prioritizing healthcare improvements.

Communities across Ghana are responding to Selormey’s call for action. Grassroots movements are gaining momentum, with citizens organizing protests, town hall meetings, and engaging in open dialogues to demand better conditions for healthcare. Selormey’s rallying cry serves as a catalyst for change, as the public demands that politicians address the urgent needs of the nation’s health facilities.

The neglect of Ghana’s healthcare system has reached a tipping point, prompting Selormey to strategically advocate for change. The General Secretary’s efforts are resonating with the public, forcing politicians to confront the harsh reality of the deprived health facilities that have long been overlooked.

As public pressure intensifies, politicians can no longer ignore the crumbling state of healthcare in Ghana. Selormey’s advocacy has become a powerful force, compelling policymakers to allocate resources, address staffing shortages, and invest in much-needed upgrades for the struggling health facilities.

The unfolding story in Ghana serves as a stark reminder that the public’s demand for accountability is pivotal in reshaping the destiny of a nation’s healthcare system. Richard Selormey’s unwavering commitment underscores the transformative power of collective action, proving that citizens, when informed and united, can steer positive change even in the face of political apathy.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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