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27th March, 2024

*Bawumia lack’s integrity*

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has no integrity in Ghana politics. He has recently made some comments on the need for honesty and integrity as leader’s. He is a walking contradiction who has no shame of several U-turns he’s made on critical issues without any form of remorseful feelings. He either has no respect for the intelligence of Ghanaians, or he is simply having a mental problem.
He has engaged in several projects in government and must subject his feet to the fire of Accountability when the public calls. He cannot dissociate himself from the failures of the government.
Bawumia has no integrity!

1. What was Bawumia’s input in the fraudulent PDS deal that made Ghanaian tax payers lose millions of Cedis to the Family and Friends company of Akuffo Addo and Bawumia?
Bawumia has no integrity!

2. What is the Muslim Bawumia’s take on homosexuality, and the current Bill passed by Parliament on Proper Human Sexual Right and Family Values?
Bawumia has no integrity!

3. Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is still the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and wields several powers to make and unmake things. He is still a staunch member of Cabinet. What is Bawumia’s take on the corrupt-ridden National Cathedral, the monies spent so far to dig that “most expensive” pit in the world, and the resignation of major priest’s on the Project Board?
Bawumia has no integrity!

4. What was Dr. Bawumia capriciously telling the Association of Industries on taxation and “Tax Amnesty”? Is he not part of the team that planned and pushed several insensitive taxes down the throats of Ghanaians? Did he not promise a production economy instead of a taxation economy? Why has he engineered the most funny taxes including those on sanitary pads, smoke emissions, E-Levy, Bolla tax, increased property rate charges, utility taxes and charges, and yet feigning knowledge of those taxes and blaming it on other’s? Why did he put the GRA in a bad light knowing clearly GRA only acts upon the orders of the Executive? Is it true Bawumia has a company that has a percentage benefit on every Property Rate paid by Ghanaian home owner’s? Bawumia is aware that the E-Levy was introduced to serve as a collateral for his government to go to the IMF. All the drama and lies they put forward was highly staged.
Bawumia has no integrity!

5. What did Dr. Bawumia say about the IMF and borrowing when he was in opposition? What did he do when he got power? Has he not borrowed over 500% of what he met as the total debt stock of Ghana since the first Republic?
Bawumia has no integrity!

6. What is Bawumia saying about the several monies accumulated from the COVID-19 levy and also the E-Levy so far? These monies are drawn painfully from each and every Ghanaian anytime we patronize a restaurant or engage in any electronic money transfer such as MoMo.
Dr. Bawumia was highly instrumental in the introduction of these taxes. He was part of the government officials who promised Ghanaians of not going to the IMF if they allow the E-Levy to be implemented. He even joined hands to say that the E-Levy is going to contribute to our road constructions, construction of schools, and several other government projects. That has since been a palpable lie. It did not take government more than seven months after E-Levy implementation to go to the IMF. They went to the IMF and they still charge Ghanaians on E-Levy, but there is nothing concrete to show in terms of projects and development. These monies have been squandered by top elements of the government.
Bawumia has no integrity!

7. What is Bawumia’s take on Hon. Cecilia Dapaah’s Home Bank or Monies under bed, pillows, fridges, and jericans? The corrupt Bawumia has remained very silent of this issue, even when he has a Banking background and could advise on issues raised around the scandal. Why is he not calling appointees to order?
Bawumia has no integrity.

8. What has Bawumia done about the Road Tolls? When the tolls were illegally abrogated by a Minister of State, Amoako Atta? Did Bawumia not tell the whole country that inorder to fix our bad road network, we only needed to toll the various parts of the roads… and that you need not to borrow from external sources? What is the state of our roads today? Bawumia is a liar.
Bawumia has no integrity!

9. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of Ghana, is today calling himself a Driver’s Mate. This is a Co-Driver/Spare-Driver who is maliciously snitching on his BOSS Akufo Addo, for political favours. He is telling Ghanaians today that he has no power; Such a liar and dishonest fellow. He used his power to appoint several staff. He engineered the appointment of his in-laws into juicy government offices. He used his power to influence the appointment of his sister unto a juicy agency of government. He keeps drawing the huge salary and all allowances and privileges that comes with the office of the Vice President. Why is this liar telling Ghanaians he has no power in the government? Why is he still at post then?
Bawumia has no integrity.

10. This is the same Bawumia who promised every Teacher a Laptop, only to use his government machinery to draw from the salaries of Ghanaian Teacher’s. The free laptop to Teacher’s as promised has now turned into a “paid for” laptop’s. Over 70% of these Teacher’s have not received their 1957 model inefficient laptops. Their monies have been taken by the government and the laptop’s are not coming. This is a FAKE Digitalization man who is still living in the 1950s and yet promising 2024 Artificial Intelligence. Why are they not giving these Teacher’s 2024 model laptop’s and not that of 1957?
Bawumia has no integrity!

11. The same Bawumia is preaching digitalization, and yet he fails to congratulate his predecessor John Dramani Mahama for laying the fiber optic foundation and infrastructure for any digital education and institutional upgrade, including our Courts.
Bawumia has no integrity!

In conclusion, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia should be the last person to talk about honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. He should be the last person to talk about development and technological advancement. He has no positive track record in Ghana politics and shall go down with Nana Addo as the worst government ever in the history of Ghana. Ghanaians shall remember him for his lies and empty-uninformed slogans.

Long Live the Truth!

*Lawrence Lamptey*
(The Scientific Socialist)
Political Desk Secretary – SoDA


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