The government is behind Galamsey, Youth chief of Nzemaland claims

  Nana Kaku Anyiniah, the Youth Chief of Nzemaland, has made shocking allegations against the government, claiming its involvement in illegal mining activities, commonly known as galamsey. Anyiniah’s statement comes amid persistent concerns over the devastating environmental and social impact of galamsey operations across Ghana. According to Anyiniah, whenever illegal miners, including foreign nationals such […]

Foreign Affairs Ministry Contemplates Passport Fee Hike, Sparks Concerns About Discouraging Youth Migration

  The Foreign Affairs Ministry’s consideration of raising passport costs has ignited concerns among social commentators, who argue that such a move could be interpreted as an attempt to dissuade the youth from seeking greener pastures abroad. As discussions surrounding the potential fee increase unfold, social commentators express worry that higher passport costs may disproportionately […]

**Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Takes Action to Address Pragya and Aboboyaa Driver Concerns, Prioritizing Youth Employment**

  In a bid to address the concerns of Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers while prioritizing youth employment, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has launched a comprehensive initiative aimed at finding sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by these drivers. Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers, who are often young individuals seeking employment opportunities, have become an essential […]