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Your Government has failed Cocoa farmers, Don’t use my video in support of your propaganda, Mr. Maxwell Replies Miracles Aboagye of NPP


The Regional coordinator for the Young Cadres of UCF Ghana Ashanti chapter Mr. Maxwell Deku has disregarded the allegations laid against him in his 2017 video on cocoa farmers.

In response to allegations made by Denis Aboagye in an old video, Mr. Maxwell Deku, the Regional Coordinator for the Young Cadres of UCF Ghana Ashanti chapter, has firmly refuted these claims.

The allegations in question were raised in a 2017 video concerning cocoa farmers. Mr. Deku addressed this issue after the video resurfaced on Denis Aboagye Miracles’ Twitter account. According to Mr. Maxwell, the purpose of the video was not to endorse the current cocoa price increment offered by the government to cocoa farmers. Instead, it was intended to provide insight into how the NDC government lost the 2016 general elections.

Video of Mr. Maxwell on Denis Aboagye Miracles twitter page


Furthermore, during his recent visit to cocoa-growing areas in the Ashanti region, Mr. Maxwell Deku reportedly found that the NPP government was unfairly tarnishing the reputation of Former President John Dramani Mahama for his previous efforts in support of cocoa farmers.

Mr. Deku expressed his belief that the NPP government has let down both Ghanaians and cocoa farmers. He suggested that the government’s recourse to spreading falsehoods about him and the NDC government is a new low in their tactics.

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