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Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh Voices Concern Over Electricity Costs: “I am Suffering”

In a passionate declaration of the struggles faced by ordinary citizens amid soaring electricity costs, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, prior to assuming the role of Energy Minister, made headlines with his candid remarks in 2015.

The then-opposition Member of Parliament did not mince words as he highlighted the burden placed on households grappling with exorbitant electricity bills, capturing the sentiments of many who felt the pinch of high utility costs.”

If you are buying electricity like they are having it for free, if you are spending 60% of your salary on electricity bills then you will understand me, I am suffering,” Dr. Prempeh exclaimed, echoing the frustrations of countless Ghanaians grappling with the financial strain imposed by escalating electricity tariffs.

Dr. Prempeh’s remarks struck a chord with the public, resonating with those who felt the weight of their hard-earned income being disproportionately allocated to covering utility expenses. His candid expression of personal hardship shed light on the stark realities faced by ordinary citizens grappling with the economic ramifications of high electricity costs.

The issue of electricity affordability had been a hot-button topic in Ghana, with consumers contending with steep tariff hikes and erratic supply. Amidst widespread discontent over the perceived inequity in utility pricing, Dr. Prempeh’s remarks served as a poignant reminder of the human impact of policy decisions on everyday lives.

As a vocal advocate for the plight of ordinary citizens, Dr. Prempeh’s comments underscored the urgent need for policymakers to address the root causes of electricity cost escalation and implement measures to alleviate the financial strain on households.

His impassioned plea for empathy and understanding resonated with many who shared similar experiences of economic hardship exacerbated by soaring utility bills.Dr. Prempeh’s statement also shed light on broader systemic issues plaguing Ghana’s energy sector, including inefficiencies, mismanagement, and lack of transparency.

His remarks served as a rallying cry for greater accountability and reform within the energy industry, emphasizing the need for policies that prioritize affordability and accessibility for all citizens.

The timing of Dr. Prempeh’s comments, against the backdrop of political campaigning and public discourse surrounding utility costs, heightened their impact and significance. As Ghana grappled with economic challenges and social disparities, his candid expression of personal hardship struck a chord with voters disillusioned with the status quo.

Following his appointment as Energy Minister, Dr. Prempeh’s remarks continued to reverberate within political and public spheres, shaping discussions surrounding energy policy and affordability.

His advocacy for greater transparency, accountability, and consumer welfare remained central to his tenure, as he sought to address the underlying factors contributing to electricity cost escalation.

Dr. Prempeh’s candid declaration of personal hardship served as a poignant reminder of the human toll of policy decisions and the imperative of prioritizing the welfare of ordinary citizens.

His words resonated with many who shared similar experiences of economic hardship and financial strain, galvanizing calls for reform within Ghana’s energy sector.

As Ghana navigated the complexities of economic development and social progress, Dr. Prempeh’s remarks served as a rallying cry for greater empathy, understanding, and accountability in policymaking.

His commitment to amplifying the voices of the marginalized and advocating for inclusive policies underscored his dedication to serving the interests of all Ghanaians.
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source: JoyNews


story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah



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