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Ejisu by-election:I can’t work with Independent candidate, Road Minister Asenso Boakye Urges Support for NPP Candidate.


In a decisive declaration, Road Minister Kwasi Amoako-Atta, popularly known as Asenso Boakye, has urged constituents to throw their support behind the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate in the upcoming elections, stating his inability to work with an independent candidate if elected as Member of Parliament (MP).

Addressing supporters at a campaign rally in his constituency, Asenso Boakye emphasized the importance of unity and cohesion within the political landscape, stressing his commitment to advancing the NPP’s agenda for development and progress.

“I cannot effectively represent the interests of my constituents if I have to work with an independent candidate,” Asenso Boakye declared, prompting reactions and discussions among attendees. “I urge you all to vote for the NPP candidate to ensure that we can work together towards our shared goals and aspirations.”

The Road Minister’s declaration comes amidst speculation and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming elections, with the emergence of independent candidates posing a potential challenge to traditional party dynamics and allegiances.

Asenso Boakye’s stance reflects broader concerns within the political establishment over the potential fragmentation of political support and the implications for governance and policymaking.

“We need a strong and cohesive government to deliver on our promises and fulfill the aspirations of the Ghanaian people,” Asenso Boakye asserted, urging voters to consider the long-term implications of their choices on the nation’s development trajectory.

In response to Asenso Boakye’s declaration, supporters of independent candidates have defended their decision to contest the elections, citing dissatisfaction with traditional party politics and a desire for alternative voices in governance.

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, the question of political allegiance and representation remains a central theme, with citizens weighing the merits of party loyalty against the potential benefits of independent leadership. Ultimately, the electorate will determine the outcome of the elections and shape the future direction of the nation’s political landscape.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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