In a press conference today, Dr. Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana, addressed recent calls for his resignation, stating firmly, “I won’t resign.” The governor dismissed the demands as unfounded and stressed his commitment to the country’s economic stability. Regarding the National Democratic Congress (NDC) demonstration urging his resignation, Dr. Addison deemed it […]

Minority Leader Proposes Cocoa Price Increase to 2.8K, Disputing Government’s 1.3K Figure

  **Subheading:** The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Leader Calls for Greater Support to Cocoa Farmers *Accra, Ghana – September 15, 2023* In a bold move aimed at championing the cause of Ghana’s cocoa farmers, the Minority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament, Honorable Atto Forson, has asserted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will increase the price […]

Jean Mensah’s Plan to escape Court injunction is a threat to Ghana’s democracy.

  The chairperson of the Electoral commission of Ghana Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah’s plan to e cape from the court injunction is a threat to Ghana’s peace and democracy,the nation was abuzz with controversy when the Electoral Commission found itself embroiled in a court suit filed by the Minority and several other political parties. The […]